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eXotargets Data Network

Enabling our clients to access Germany's leading Consumer Database and helping them provide top-notch verification services as the trusted data supplier and partner.

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Our Value Proposition

Germany's leading data partner - enabling our clients to access an industry-leading Consumer Database to optimize their hit rates and coverage


High quality data

Industry-leading combination of data coverage and quality in Germany with 10+ data sources

Decades of expertise

Team of entrepreneurs that have successfully built and operated sustainable data and technology businesses

Advanced technology

State-of-the art, robust API with seamless integration, real-time responses and minimal maintenance requirements 


Our Products

We provide validated solutions to best serve your needs while also being able to develop custom solutions to your challenges


Reduce complexity and number of involved partners by receiving responses that are validated by multiple, disjunct sources 



Process API responses more granularly and effectively by receiving source category information alongside API response



Achieve market-leading hit rates by leveraging Germany's leading Consumer Database with a unique combination of coverage and quality 

Our Team

Our team's track record as trusted founders and industry experts builds the foundation of our success.


Frédéric Cavro

CEO with 30+ years of experience in selling data products to international customers


Christoph Goldschmitt

Senior Advisor and CEO of MIS GmbH with 30+ years of experience in marketing Germany’s leading data products

Ralf Kenneweg

CPO with 30+ years of expertise in building technical interfaces and managing projects

Marc Howland

CFO with 30+ years of experience in analyzing and evaluating data care solutions in the German market


Our Partners

Partnering with the most respected and well-known players in the German market, we ensure data quality and comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.


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